You’ve gone remote and need top level engineers in your timezone.

Take advantage of the talent and cost savings of LatAm. We headhunt the best talent.

.Hire the best.
.tech talent in.
.Latin America.


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How it works

GringoJobs has been a key part of finding the right people that align with our culture, have meaningful experience, and want to contribute to what we are building.

In particular, we've been able to save months (probably years) figuring out where to find the best people.

Tyler Vawser, VP of People at Apptegy
Let us know your needs

We want to understand who you are looking for and what your hiring plan is.

Get qualified candidates

We’ll present you with a series of qualified and interested candidates. 

We support the whole process

We help usher them through your interview process, including salary negotiations and closing.

90 day hiring guarantee

We charge on a contingency model, a % of yearly salary paid once a hire is made. 

Who am I?

Hi! I'm Georges Janin, a French-American tech recruiter

9 years of

tech recruiting experience in NYC

Lived in Argentina & Venezuela. Currently in Mexico City

Average to below average salsa dancer

Holds a PostDoc in Spanglish

Ready to work with us?

We'll find you amazing English speaking talent from Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, and all over Latin America.


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